A leading Tamil Magazine which publishes five magazines namely Kalki (weekly), Mangaiyar Malar (well known women’s magazine), Gokulam in Tamil and English (Children’s favourite magazine) and Deepam (Aanmegam magazine).



Keerthi Mahal

This portal designed for the marriage hall site located in Nanganallur, Chennai, India.




Krishnamurti Foundation India

Krishnamurthi Foundation India is the study centre Foundation located in India, England, U.S.A.

The famous Carnatic Vocalist N.Vijay Siva performing the website through online sales of his audio concert songs.




Ratna Associates

Insurance consultancy concern which guides the customer of benefit of the insurance in Vehicle and Health insurance.




Order Your Choice – Online Sales portal is a highly motivated company that delivers Traditional Sweets and high quality Cakes from authentic shops of your choice, fresh Flowers and Gifts to all cities in India.

Matrimonial website which serves the matrimonial, e-horoscope, e-suggestions and general consultation.




Burnt Humber

Burnt Humber Fashion is a 100% manufacturing and exports of the garments.



R & D Histopath

R&D Histopath Lab is a Pathology Lab located in Mylapore, Chennai, India